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Should You Get a Home Inspection before an Appraisal?

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When you decide to sell your home, you will eventually find someone who likes your home enough to make an offer. Of course, the buyer will probably add some contingencies to the purchase offer, including a home appraisal and inspection. While these two services are very different, there is a correlation between them. As a result, you might wonder about the differences and whether you need a home inspection before the appraisal. Here is a guide to help you learn about these two vital services when selling a house.

The purpose of a home inspection

A home inspection is a service that reveals details about a home's condition. Some homeowners choose to get home inspections before selling. The purpose is for the homeowner to discover the home's problems before listing it. As a result, the homeowner would have the chance to fix the problems before buyers start viewing it. Most homeowners opt out of this, though, and let the buyer decide about the home inspection. Most buyers choose home inspections before closing on homes because they reveal many vital details about the home's condition.

The purpose of an appraisal

An appraisal is also something a homeowner can get before selling, but again, most don't. An appraisal serves one primary purpose: to tell you how much a house is worth. The appraisal matters to the buyer because they're spending money to buy your house. As a result, they want to make sure they're making a wise investment. However, the buyer's lender also cares about the appraisal, as they're lending money to a person for your home purchase. Therefore, the appraisal amount is essential for the home sale.

How getting the home inspection first might help the appraisal

Many people choose to opt for the home inspection before the appraisal when selling a house. The point is to give the homeowner time to fix the issues that might affect the home's value. If the homeowner can fix these things, the house might appraise for a higher amount. You can likely see the correlation between these two services now, which might help you determine what services to get before you decide to list your home.

Contact a company for a home inspection

You'll need to get an appraisal and home inspection when selling your home. If you would like to schedule these services or learn more about them, contact a home inspection company in your hone's area such as Boxer Inspections LLC.