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What To Expect When Getting A Home Inspection

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Have you made an offer on a home and it was accepted by the owner? If so, you'll have a few days to schedule a home inspector to take a closer look at the home for you. Here is what you can expect when getting a home inspection 

You Can Tag Along

It is common for a home buyer to tag along with the home inspector so the buyer can see everything firsthand. This can be very helpful to the buyers because you don't have to read through the report later and try to make sense of all the notes that have been made about the home. Being present during the home inspection is also a great way to learn about the kind of maintenance that you'll need to do on the home. The inspector may point out that the mortar needs to be tuck-pointed or that the HVAC system will soon need to be replaced. 

You May Have To Pay Extra For Some Services

It is common for a home inspector to cover many aspects of the home as part of their normal inspection fee. However, be aware that there may be additional services that you have to pay extra for. Some common examples of additional services include mold testing, infrared electrical and insulation scanning, and water testing. In general, additional fees may be required if a lab will be involved or the inspector uses special equipment. That's why it's always important to know what is and is not covered when hiring a home inspector. 

You Will Get A Detailed Report 

A home inspection is an incredibly detailed report about what is potentially wrong with the home. This will include everything that they find, which can range from a roof that is leaking water to an outlet that doesn't have GFCI protection near a water source. 

It is easy to be overwhelmed when this report comes in since you may assume that all of these things need to be fixed right away. It is worth asking the home inspector what they think are the most critical issues that they found with a home. They may point out something major that you may have skipped over, such as a foundation issue.

You Do Not Have To Share The Home Inspection With The Seller

The home inspection is a report that you paid for. If the seller of the home wants to see the home inspection, know that you are in no obligation to provide it to them. You can give the reasons why you want to walk away from the purchase, but you don't need to provide the home inspection report as proof. 

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