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Monitoring Services For Absentee Property Owners

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Absentee property owners may be concerned about vandals or squatters doing damage to their residences or vacation homes. A home watch association provides peace of mind, a presence that is reflective of someone occupying a home, and feedback that will keep a property owner updated. 

An Association

There are many ways for a property owner to get involved in a home watch association program. Programs differ, based on the region and the resources that are available. An association is often made up of citizens who live within the region where services are being offered.

People who reside within a particular community may take part in a home watch association. These people may hold routine meetings that will address common concerns, including burglaries, vandalism, and squatting. An association often welcomes new members and may require an applicant to furnish paperwork that will grant them the right to be part of a home watch committee.

Remote Services

A home watch community member can perform an appraisal of a piece of property. The appraisal process identifies parts of a home or property that are prone to damage from a potential intruder. If adequate fencing or a home security system is not being implemented, it places a property owner at risk. A property owner can receive guidance in providing their property with protection.

If a home is properly secured and if adequate lighting is used to illuminate a piece of property at night, people who may have initially considered trespassing may be deterred from doing so. Remote services that a home watch association offers involve taking in someone's mail, taking out the trash, checking locks on doors, and entering a residence. These services will make it appear as if someone is residing in the home.

A client who seeks remote services can request to receive future appraisals and property updates. A home watch association may also provide general neighborhood services. These may involve patrolling a neighborhood and reporting incidents to the proper authority. A comprehensive monitoring program will prevent monetary loss and allow property owners the freedom of leaving their homes, without needing to be overly concerned about something negative happening when they are not present.

For more information about property appraisals and services, a homeowner should contact the director of a home watch association. This will provide the inquirer with a full breakdown of the services that are available to those who own homes within a particular region.

Contact a local home watch association, such as International Home Watch Alliance, to learn more.